Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Best Pet by Samantha

One day I was walking home from school.  I saw a little cat that was all black and white on her.  She was so cute my mom said that I could keep her if her owner does not come and take her away. I told my mom that I do not want anyone to come to get her.  My mom said that all I could hope for that no one comes and get her.  
I made a bed for her to stay in it was all pink with some black in it. It was Thursday so on Friday named her stormy since no one came and got her. My mom said that someone can still come and get her.  That made me disappointed.  
My brother said that stormy was a bad name, but my I thought it was a good name.  My mom said that it was a good name too.  My mom told my brother Luke not to be so rude.  
My mom told me that I  had to take care of her. That I had to feed her, give her water, and brush her.
I never wanted to part with her, but my mom reminded me that I still had to do my homework too.  I could not dilly dally around.  This was a serious job. I was in second grade. I was old enough to take care of Stormy.  I love Stormy.  
She is such a cute kitten,but someone came to get her. I was bawling. Late that night Stormy had six kittens. The man gave me three of them and Stormy back. I was so sad that  the guy took Stormy. Stormy was his. It was very nice of him to bring back Stormy and three of the kittens.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A New Group Begins

This week the class of 2012-13  is beginning to write and edit.  We are preparing new stories for the blog and are excited to share our work!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Seal Building a Fair- Griffin

There was a seal with his nice seal friend that wanted to build a fair. They are going to build a fair . First, they built the ferris wheel . Then they tested it . It worked . They built some fun games and they tested it. They all worked except one it had a cat in it. They got it out. Then it worked. They made some more fun stuff to ride and play . Then it was time to open the fair . So people and animals came in to the fair . First, everyone went on the Ferris wheel to see where everything is then they played games and rode fun stuff . But there were too many people so they got more people . So they got back to work some more people and animals came to the fair and they rode the Roller Coaster Of Doom . When they got off, they played games .Then they closed the fair . Then went to an Aquarium.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Valentine's Day by Kennah and Emmalee

There were three girls named Kennah, Emmalee, Desa. It was Valentine’s day. They loved Valentine’s day. All of the girls got five Valentines. Then they thought that Bob their friend hid them.Bob did not hide them at all. The three girls were so scared. They looked all over the classroom. Desa found all five Valentines. Kennah and Emmalee were so sad. Then Emmalee and Kennah found all five Valentines. Emmalee and Kennah were so happy. Emmalee’s valentines were pink and Kennah’s were all blue. Emmalee had so much candy and Kennah did too. They had the best time. The next day they got doughnuts. That day they all got a rose. They got a rose from a person that wanted be their Valentine. This time they did not lose their roses. Emmalee got 33 red roses. Kennah got 24 roses. Desa got 10 roses.they were best friends forever.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest Post - Grandma Ninja by Autumn

Grandma Ninja

I was sitting in my room staring at the clock. Mom came in and said "Grandma is

coming to babysit tonight." I wasn't to sure if i was happy or disapointed. So that night

grandma came. My mom said, "Good night sweetie." We played wii for 35 minutes, after mac

and cheese I was bored. I asked grandma if she could tell me a story like she would

when I was 5. She told me one story about her being a bumble bee that was boring.

But the next story I got a hoot out of [although I'm not an owl]. It was about grandma

being a ninja. She started when she was 20. She lead me to her room and she

showed me her karate belts. She had 8 of them, man I was impressed. Then she showed

me some karate moves. (It was her idea). She rockes at the moves. She said

she works for the goverment, sorta like a spy with ninga coolmoves.

Then, at my suprise I heard a strange noise. It sounded like a scream and shattered

glass. So slowly I went to a hallway between 2 window, my room, and the bathroom.

There I saw grama sourounded by, what else.............

NINGAS. Swords, masks, black robes. REAL NINGAS. Just like grama. I used the

moves she tought me to help. boom, swish, HIYAH. We beat them. Grama gave me a

High-5. She showed me a few more moves. Then, (sigh) it was bed time. I went to bed

at 10:00 and slept till 8:10. I asked if mom could go out again, she said, "yes." So

grama came that night. We had fun and did so many cool things. Like wii, stories,

(dinner of course) and KARATE moves and much more. I was tired so I lisened to 1

more story then bed time. Over the weekend we learned new moves, new stories, and

showed my friend Allica moves she comes now when Grama comes!!! Me and Alice are

good friends now. Well just better friends now. Alice is kitty corner to me.

We are really good at karate. We take classes. Later the next week Grama said,"

I am moving so no more ninga attacks when I babysit." She laughed. I yelled," Don't

go, please. She said she'll visit, I was still sad. So was Allice, Grama still moved 1 state

away,2 or 3 hours. Grama's real name was Sasha. Allice got 2 dog (a beagle and a

pug/yorkie.) The pug/yorkie was Hailey, the beagle was named Sallie. When grama came to

visit me and Allice Said 2 things 1, "her mom gave birth to Anna and Bailey, 2,"

"There on out your name is now GRAMA NINGA." And it was true. Grama "ninga" visits often.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Talking Hippo - 2

The Talking Hippo 2

After 1 year that Sasha has died I have been really sad. I’ve been in my room looking at the pictures that Sasha and me took. Then my mom said “It’s dinner time”. I’ll be there in a minute I said. So I got ready to go eat dinner. For dinner is spaghetti and meatballs. Then a little bit after dinner we had popcorn. When we were eating we were watching a movie called Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked. Then after the movie we went to bed except I couldn’t go to sleep. I think its because I keep thinking of Sasha. I went to bed at like 2:00 o clock. Then when I fell asleep I dreamed about her. Then I screamed for my mom. “MOM I KEEP DREAMING ABOUT SASHA!” “It’s OK just go to sleep and be quiet. Your brothers trying to sleep”. OK, Mom.

By: Desa