Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest Post - Grandma Ninja by Autumn

Grandma Ninja

I was sitting in my room staring at the clock. Mom came in and said "Grandma is

coming to babysit tonight." I wasn't to sure if i was happy or disapointed. So that night

grandma came. My mom said, "Good night sweetie." We played wii for 35 minutes, after mac

and cheese I was bored. I asked grandma if she could tell me a story like she would

when I was 5. She told me one story about her being a bumble bee that was boring.

But the next story I got a hoot out of [although I'm not an owl]. It was about grandma

being a ninja. She started when she was 20. She lead me to her room and she

showed me her karate belts. She had 8 of them, man I was impressed. Then she showed

me some karate moves. (It was her idea). She rockes at the moves. She said

she works for the goverment, sorta like a spy with ninga coolmoves.

Then, at my suprise I heard a strange noise. It sounded like a scream and shattered

glass. So slowly I went to a hallway between 2 window, my room, and the bathroom.

There I saw grama sourounded by, what else.............

NINGAS. Swords, masks, black robes. REAL NINGAS. Just like grama. I used the

moves she tought me to help. boom, swish, HIYAH. We beat them. Grama gave me a

High-5. She showed me a few more moves. Then, (sigh) it was bed time. I went to bed

at 10:00 and slept till 8:10. I asked if mom could go out again, she said, "yes." So

grama came that night. We had fun and did so many cool things. Like wii, stories,

(dinner of course) and KARATE moves and much more. I was tired so I lisened to 1

more story then bed time. Over the weekend we learned new moves, new stories, and

showed my friend Allica moves she comes now when Grama comes!!! Me and Alice are

good friends now. Well just better friends now. Alice is kitty corner to me.

We are really good at karate. We take classes. Later the next week Grama said,"

I am moving so no more ninga attacks when I babysit." She laughed. I yelled," Don't

go, please. She said she'll visit, I was still sad. So was Allice, Grama still moved 1 state

away,2 or 3 hours. Grama's real name was Sasha. Allice got 2 dog (a beagle and a

pug/yorkie.) The pug/yorkie was Hailey, the beagle was named Sallie. When grama came to

visit me and Allice Said 2 things 1, "her mom gave birth to Anna and Bailey, 2,"

"There on out your name is now GRAMA NINGA." And it was true. Grama "ninga" visits often.


  1. i love your story it was long that was good :) kennah

  2. Thanks. We are a group of third grade students from Indiana. We meet during lunch to write and publish original stories. I'm in 4th grade.

  3. you did really good autumn