Monday, December 5, 2011

The Talking Hippo by Desa

The Talking Hippo

One day I was at the zoo and I saw a hippo. Then I told my mom look at this hippo. She said “It is pretty but fat”. Yeah I know. Then it talked it said” I am a girl named Sasha”. Did that hippo just talk? “Yes I did”, said the hippo. Then I went around the zoo to find one of the zoo keepers. Then I found one um miss “ Can you come see something “what is it”? Well its something about your hippo. “ Ok so what is the matter” oh just come with me! Then when we got to the hippo’s spot the hippo said “Hi zoo keeper”; said the hippo. OH MY!!!!! That hippo really did talk am I dreaming or what? That was really weird well thanks for telling me. When the zoo keeper started walking away I ran over there and said can I keep the hippo? Then she said sure because I don`t need a talking hippo” said the zoo keeper. So how do I get it home? I will give you a trailer to take it home. Then after we got the hippo at our house we got it in our pool. There were 4 more hippos at the zoo. Then I jumped into the pool and started riding the hippo. When I was done I went in and dried myself off. When I was done we ate dinner and it was sloppy joes. When I was finished with my dinner my hippo and me both ate some snacks. Then I asked my mom if I could sleep outside in a tent. Then the next day I played with Sasha all day. Then Sasha said”My stomach hurts. Then we took to the vet then she said she is going to die. Then she died. So we buried her.Good bye Sasha.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cats vs Puppies by Carmen

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Rolf (a work in progress) by Reece

One day these wolves were yelling at each other so I tried to stop them they yell at me Rolf. I am a wolf too so I ran so fast they tried to pounce on me.
I fell into a cave I lived with boars till I was 18. I ran home. I stopped a battle became Alpha wolf for two years. When I died my son took over and he ruled for 12 years then saber came back. He is the fox king. He tried to take over but we got to our dens. We tried to attack but he had too many people.
I hoped we could escape but he saw my son and tried to attack him so my other son sacred him so we had to move fast!
He could not catch us. We got away and we found more warriors. We came back saved the wolves.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Little Polar Bear... LOST! by Griffin

One dark night there was a little polar bear standing with his mother.  The ice was starting to break so the little polar bear was scared.

They heard crick crack.  The ice was breaking more . The ice broke apart and separated them.

Then the little polar bear was lost in the ocean.  He saw fish in the water and decided he was hungry.  He tried to catch the fish but they were too fast.  He saw bigger fish and he thought he could catch them but they were too fast.  Then he saw a big iceberg so he climbed on and he saw even bigger fish on the other side.  He tried to catch them but he couldn’t.  But he saw a bigger iceberg and climbed onto it to rest.  When he woke up he saw his friend so his polar bare on a iceberg his friend climbed on the other iceberg and they played games.  His friend said no one ever returned to  home .  they played until they were hungry and then they ate fish.  Then they went back to sleep.    When they woke up, they were home with their families.