Friday, March 9, 2012

Valentine's Day by Kennah and Emmalee

There were three girls named Kennah, Emmalee, Desa. It was Valentine’s day. They loved Valentine’s day. All of the girls got five Valentines. Then they thought that Bob their friend hid them.Bob did not hide them at all. The three girls were so scared. They looked all over the classroom. Desa found all five Valentines. Kennah and Emmalee were so sad. Then Emmalee and Kennah found all five Valentines. Emmalee and Kennah were so happy. Emmalee’s valentines were pink and Kennah’s were all blue. Emmalee had so much candy and Kennah did too. They had the best time. The next day they got doughnuts. That day they all got a rose. They got a rose from a person that wanted be their Valentine. This time they did not lose their roses. Emmalee got 33 red roses. Kennah got 24 roses. Desa got 10 roses.they were best friends forever.

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