Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Seal Building a Fair- Griffin

There was a seal with his nice seal friend that wanted to build a fair. They are going to build a fair . First, they built the ferris wheel . Then they tested it . It worked . They built some fun games and they tested it. They all worked except one it had a cat in it. They got it out. Then it worked. They made some more fun stuff to ride and play . Then it was time to open the fair . So people and animals came in to the fair . First, everyone went on the Ferris wheel to see where everything is then they played games and rode fun stuff . But there were too many people so they got more people . So they got back to work some more people and animals came to the fair and they rode the Roller Coaster Of Doom . When they got off, they played games .Then they closed the fair . Then went to an Aquarium.

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  1. I cant wait for your next story.You did good on this book.I loved when they wanted to build a fair. from kennah