Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Best Pet by Samantha

One day I was walking home from school.  I saw a little cat that was all black and white on her.  She was so cute my mom said that I could keep her if her owner does not come and take her away. I told my mom that I do not want anyone to come to get her.  My mom said that all I could hope for that no one comes and get her.  
I made a bed for her to stay in it was all pink with some black in it. It was Thursday so on Friday named her stormy since no one came and got her. My mom said that someone can still come and get her.  That made me disappointed.  
My brother said that stormy was a bad name, but my I thought it was a good name.  My mom said that it was a good name too.  My mom told my brother Luke not to be so rude.  
My mom told me that I  had to take care of her. That I had to feed her, give her water, and brush her.
I never wanted to part with her, but my mom reminded me that I still had to do my homework too.  I could not dilly dally around.  This was a serious job. I was in second grade. I was old enough to take care of Stormy.  I love Stormy.  
She is such a cute kitten,but someone came to get her. I was bawling. Late that night Stormy had six kittens. The man gave me three of them and Stormy back. I was so sad that  the guy took Stormy. Stormy was his. It was very nice of him to bring back Stormy and three of the kittens.


  1. Sam I love this book it is so creative and I don't know what to say I love it

    Sincerely your friend
    Emma Helms

  2. well thankes i dont know why you like it so much it has a lot of missing words.